Apr 18 • 39M

#6 Brian Douglas (Founder of OpenSauced, Dev Rel at Github & Netlify) - What is Developer Relations, How to Succeed at Dev Rel, Scaling Open Source Projects & Contribution

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Shomik Ghosh
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Brian Douglas (aka Bdougie on all social platforms) is the Founder of OpenSauced, which is bringing enterprise insights and analytics to Open Source projects. He joins us today to dive into the open source ecosystem and the Developer Relations (DevRel) role. Brian was the 3rd engineer at Netlify and the 1st Developer Advocate at Github . In this episode, he talks about playbooks to create content that resonates with developers, how OSS projects can scale, and what is going on in the Jamstack ecosystem. Brian shares a ton of tangible examples from his own career of successful DevRel efforts that founders and employees can learn from to apply to their own businesses.

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In this episode, we cover:

(00:46) - Brian’s Background

(02:32) - Bottoms Up Strategy to Engaging Developers

(06:30) - Dev Rel for Github Actions from Launch

(09:48) - Starting OpenSauced to Bring Insights to Open Source Teams

(12:01) - Signs of Open Source Traction

(13:48) - What is the Dev Rel role

(17:25) - Depth vs Breadth in Scaling a Developer Community

(19:40) - Dev Rel Tactics & Systems Without a Large Existing Following

(24:03) - Measuring Engagement as the Core Metric of Dev Rel

(25:44) - Where Does Dev Rel Go Wrong

(30:39) - Durability and Stickiness in the JAMstack Ecosystem

(34:42) - On-Ramps and Enterprise Features in the JAMstack Space

(36:45) - Favorite Technology/App

(37:42) - Favorite Snack

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