May 9 • 41M

#8 Seth Rosen (Head of Data Products at Snyk, Co-Founder of Topcoat Data) - A Modern Data Stack Overview, How Product Management & Data Teams Work Together, Future Trends in Data

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Shomik Ghosh
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Seth Rosen is Head of Data Products at Snyk and previously Co-Founder of Topcoat Data, acquired by Snyk in March 2022. In this talk we cover, all things data, specifically diving into what the modern data stack is and the components that form it. We cover Seth’s experience working with customers of all sizes while he was running a data analytics consultancy, with tips for how companies can get value from data with a few core systems. Seth also explains what customer facing analytics enables and the path to achieving this. Finally, we dive into how LLMs may affect the data industry and future trends in data.

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In this episode, we cover:

(00:44) - Seth’s Background

(02:53) - Shifting from Product Management to Data

(04:17) - What is a Data Model with a Specific E-Commerce Example

(06:35) - Becoming a Data Comedian on Twitter

(08:58) - How Data Teams Can Communicate Tradeoffs Between Urgency & Accuracy

(12:07) - Learnings from Helping Customers Set Up Data Analytics Stacks

(13:29) - What Made Looker Skyrocket

(16:04) - Building Topcoat Data to Enable Embedded Analytics

(19:13) - Why Snyk Uses Customer Facing Analytics

(21:28) - The Challenges with Building & Managing Data Pipelines

(24:50) - The 80/20 Rule in Data

(26:15) - Pre-Modern Data Stack vs Post-Modern Data Stack

(27:50) - Explaining the Components of the Modern Data Stack

(31:00) - “Zero Copy” Trends in Data Warehouses

(32:54) - LLMs Affect on Data Team Workflows

(36:45) - What Seth Would Love to See Change About the Data Space

(38:45) - Favorite Technology

(39:35) - Favorite Snack

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