May 24 • 59M

#9 Kyle Poyar (Operating Partner at Openview) - Detailed Tips & Tactics for PLG motions, Pricing & Packaging, Product Led Sales & Marketing Tips, and Specific Case Studies

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Shomik Ghosh
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Kyle Poyar is Operating Partner at Openview focused on PLG, pricing & growth. He writes the amazing and widely read newsletter, Growth Unhinged, which is one of my favorite weekly reads (multiple times a week!). It’s a wealth of information and I highly recommend listeners subscribe. Kyle joins us today to dive into all things PLG. He shares detailed and highly actionable tips with real-world examples of the countless startups he’s studied and worked with. We talk about PLG motions, multiplayer vs single-player, pricing & packaging, marketing tactics, retention and more. We could have gone on for much longer and may have to do a follow-up in the future. This episode is frankly helpful for anyone, founders, startup employees, customers, and investors both public and private.

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In this episode, we cover:

(00:35) - Kyle’s Background

(01:49) - What is Product Led Growth

(03:22) - Where Founders Should Start to Truly Do PLG

(06:58) - Case Studies of Companies That Have Transitioned to PLG Over Time

(08:54) - Self Serve Onboarding vs Self Serve Pricing and How They Affect PLG

(11:17) - Single Player vs Multi-Player Product Models Mapping to PLG

(14:59) - Pricing for Different Product Models

(18:34) - Why Being “Generous” with a Seat-Based Pricing Model Can Be Highly Effective (Canva Case Study)

(21:13) - What Are Reverse Free Trials

(24:25) - How Can Reverse Free Trials Fail

(26:25) - What is Product Led Sales

(30:27) - Sales-Assist as a GTM Model

(33:53) - Product Led Marketing

(40:25) - Product Evangelists in SaaS

(46:24) - Managing Churn & Retention Between Different Product Models

(49:48) - Seat Based vs Usage Based Pricing

(52:24) - How Hybrid Pricing Models are Increasing in Prevalence

(55:11) - Sequencing the Various Steps to Get to a PLG Motion

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