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A Canva Deep Dive - Sandy Kory (Partner, HorizonVC)

For those curious about the $25B valued business of Canva, this episode is the deep dive you’ve been waiting for.

Sandy Kory is the Founding Partner of HorizonVC, an early stage VC fund, and an angel investor in Canva. In this episode, we cover everything about the company. How it scaled to $2B ARR growing 50-60% while being cash flow positive, it’s unique product and go-to-market motion, and how AI will continue to drive the next leg of future growth. Sit back and enjoy this masterclass on Canva.

Where to Find Sandy:

Where to Find Shomik:

In this episode, we cover:

(00:37) – Canva’s Founding Story

(06:38) – How Sandy Invested in Canva

(08:50) – Canva’s Scale & Revenue Composition

(11:30) – Canva’s Early Land Use Case

(14:27) – Core Land Use Cases Today

(17:45) – Becoming a Platform

(19:47) – M&A Strategy

(21:50) – Personas Who Use the Product

(24:06) – TAM Estimate

(28:34) – Competitive Landscape

(31:15) – Pricing Model & User-Led Motion

(36:30) – Distribution Channels

(38:14) – Evaluating Canva’s Moats

(42:10) – Australia’s Startup Ecosystem

(44:25) – Future Product & Market Evolution for Canva

(46:50) – Potential Risks Ahead

(50:10) – Text to Video Product

(52:22) – Wrap Up

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