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A OneTrust Deep Dive - Kumar Gautam (Partner, Sands Capital)

For those interested in learning about OneTrust (last valued at $4.5B), this is the episode for you.

Kumar Gautam is a Partner at Sands Capital, a multi-strategy asset manager where he focuses on the late stage venture practice. In this episode, we do a deep dive into OneTrust, the ~$500M ARR business that is scaling rapidly in the data privacy, trust & GRC space. We cover all the aspects of the business in depth including the platform, customer use cases & personas, competitive landscape, go-to-market motion, and the future ahead.

Where to Find Kumar:

Where to Find Shomik:

In this episode, we cover:

(00:33) – Founding Story of OneTrust

(03:34) – OneTrust Scale (ARR, FCF, Customer Scale)

(05:06) – Why Cookie Collection is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

(09:24) – Overview of OneTrust Platform’s Components

(12:45) – Buyer & User Personas

(14:29) – Customer Pain Points & Case Study

(19:12) – OneTrust’s TAM

(20:58) – Competitive Landscape

(23:40) – How OneTrust Prices & Generates Revenue

(25:48) – Go-To-Market Motion Behind 14k+ Customers

(27:55) – Why First Party Data is So Valuable

(30:13) – OneTrust’s Moat

(33:42) – Indirect Network Effects Benefiting the Business

(34:58) – Regulations, Data Management, & Consumer Expectations

(37:15) – Future Risks

(39:12) – Wrap Up

Where to Listen:

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