Feb 15 • 51M

Emilio Escobar - CISO of Datadog, How security companies can stand out from the noise, trust & safety vs security orgs, how enterprises manage security

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Shomik Ghosh
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Emilio Escobar is the CISO of Datadog and before that previously VP Security at Hulu and Application Security lead at Sony Playstation. He joins us today to share learnings from running security at various companies, tips for security founders to distinguish themselves from the rest of the noise, and how internal security works at enterprises. Emilio shares specific tips on how he structures security orgs and makes it so that security can be an enabler to the business. We also cover why security teams should be called Trust & Safety teams instead and the pitfalls that exist within the current security industry. This episode contains learnings for founders, security leaders, and general listeners who are curious how security works in large companies.

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In this episode, we cover:

(00:00) - Emilio’s Background, Learnings & Journey to Becoming a CISO

(07:21) - Balancing Internal Security & Selling External Security Products

(11:48) - Managing Cloud & Zero Trust Security (Why Zero Trust is a Buzzword)

(16:49) - Differences between Security At Datadog, Hulu & Sony Playstation

(23:50) - Structuring an Effective Security Org Without a SOC (Security Operations Center)

(27:11) - How Security Companies & Products Can Break Through the Noise

(31:03) - When Top Down Security Decisions Are Made and How

(33:39) - What Operating at the “Highest Level of Acceptable Risk” Means

(38:42) - Humans in the Loop & Why Classic Security Training Isn’t All That Helpful

(42:45) - How Shadow IT is an Internal NPS Score

(45:48) - Why Security Teams Should Be Called Trust & Safety Teams

(48:12) - Favorite New Technology/App

(50:08) - Favorite Snack

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