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How Enterprise Software Powers Capital Markets - Sid Bala (CIO, Data & Analytics, BNY Mellon)

For those interested in learning about how tech powers capital markets and how enterprises approach digital transformation, this is the episode for you.

Sid Bala is the CIO of Data & Analytics at BNY Mellon. He is also Head of Public Cloud at the bank. In this episode, we chat about how to approach enterprise scale transformations & architecture and taking a portfolio approach to using new and existing tech. We also cover the use cases for Generative AI and how data sharing advancements across enterprises will continue to change the landscape in the future. This is a great peek into how an enterprise leader is thinking about future use cases that enterprise software could help with.

Where to Find Sid:

Where to Find Shomik:

In this episode, we cover:

(00:40) – Sid’s Background in Enterprise Scale Tech Transformations

(02:50) – “The Art of the Possible”: Shifting to the Cloud at Large Enterprises

(08:41) – Justifying Large Scale Tech Modernization & Migrations

(12:20) – Enterprise Architecture

(13:30) – Knowing Your Own Identity

(16:25) – BNY Mellon’s Data & Analytics Platform

(19:17) – How Enterprise Can Learn From Startups

(21:00) – When to Explore New Tech Vs Improve Existing Tech

(24:17) – How Data Sharing Across Enterprises is Unlocking New Opportunities

(25:54) – Shifting from the World of Math to World of Verbal with Generative AI

(30:52) – Taking a Portfolio Approach to GenAI vs Current ML Use Cases

(33:18) – Tying Innovation to Client Needs

(34:38) – GenAI Unlocking Knowledge in Codebases & Shortening Code Review Cycles

(38:32) – How Startups Can Effectively Sell to Enterprises

(42:12) – What’s Coming Up for BNY Mellon

Show Notes:

BNY Mellon & Microsoft Strategic Alliance for Data & Analytics Platform

BNY Mellon ML Trade Settlement Models

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