Mar 1 • 49M

Jamin Ball - Partner at Altimeter Capital, Cloud Metrics, Macro Viewpoint for Founders, Backing Essential Companies, Trends in Cloud Data Infra

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Shomik Ghosh
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Jamin Ball is a Partner at Altimeter Capital and previously at Redpoint Ventures. He joins us today to share learnings about cloud metrics and seat based vs consumption based pricing. Jamin shares specific thoughts on cloud data infrastructure, why cloud optimization goes in cycles, and how Altimeter invests through business cycles in essential long-term businesses. We also cover the macro environment that founders should be aware of, trends in inflation, and how it affects businesses.

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In this episode, we cover:

(00:25) - Jamin’s Background

(03:14) - Learnings from Altimeter About Investing in Essentialism

(08:56) - Learnings from Studying Public Companies & Cloud Metrics

(13:41) - Why Top 10 Highly Valued Public Companies Have Been Mostly Infra

(16:55) - Seat Based vs Consumption Pricing

(24:21) - Jamin’s Focus on Cloud Data Infra and the Trends Behind It

(27:11) - The Macro Environment Overview

(35:53) - Why Founders Should Be Macro Aware, Micro Obssessed

(40:49) - The Private Investor Viewpoint for Founders to Keep In Mind

(45:10) - Favorite Techology/App

(47:06) - Favorite Snack

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