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State of Developer Tooling - Redmonk (James Governor & Kate Holterhoff)

For anyone interested in developer tooling, you won’t be able to find better analysis than the Redmonk team and this pod goes in depth into trends, analysis, and AI’s impact on coding.

James Governor and Kate Holterhoff are analysts at Redmonk, the developer focused analyst firm. They have been doing analysis of open source tooling and developer trends since 2002 when the firm was founded (20+ years ago). In this episode, we talk about analyzing what will persist in hype cycles, AI’s impact on coding practices & languages, and how not to extrapolate our biases in outcomes onto data. If you are a fan of dev tools and open source, you will love this conversation as you can’t find two people who spend more time thinking about this area than James and Kate along with the rest of the Redmonk team.

Where to Find Redmonk:

·       James’ Twitter:

·       Kate’s Twitter:

·       James’ LinkedIn:

·       Kate’s LinkedIn:

·       Redmonk’s Blog: 

·       Redmonk’s Podcast: 

Where to Find Shomik:

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·       Podcast: Apple PodcastsSpotifyYouTube.

In this episode, we cover:

(00:48) – Founding Redmonk Alongside the Rise of Open Source

(03:39) – How Redmonk Analyzes Products

(06:58) – Diagnosing What’s Real in Tech Hype Cycles

(15:56) – Is AI Having a Large Impact on Language Rankings?

(25:50) – Downstream Impact of Having AI Generate Majority of Code

(29:45) – Impact of Agents Managing Code Bases

(34:10) – Rise of Frontend Tooling (Again)

(40:09) – Thoughts on Open Source License Changes in Prominent Projects

(44:40) – New Analysis & Events Coming up for Redmonk

Show Notes:

-       Frontend Developers are the New Kingmakers

-       What’s Going on With Language Rankings

-       AI: The Difference Between Open and Open Source

How to Subscribe:

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