Really fascinating. I think as more shops move to 'everything as code' and do more with less, we will see more efficiencies like the ones you mentioned being driven by a platform eng type of group. I'm curious though, what would the result be if you asked Platform Eng/DevX types how much of their effort/focus is in better security as well as I think there's a good overlap with everything else listed.

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Jun 23, 2023Liked by Shomik Ghosh

We can apply a lot of the insights here to the companies trying to disrupt CFO office workflows (Pigment, Runway Financial + many many others).

There are a lot of people/processes unique to each legacy company that, if moved to these new platforms, may be highly destabilizing. Excel is the COBOL of this space.

Crossing the chasm requires figuring out a solution to this.

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Great writing!

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